Newsoft Smart Office

Newsoft Smart Office

Newsoft Smart Office is a new concept of intelligent office...

Newsoft Smart Office is a new concept of intelligent office automation software, set personal and corporate office in one, both for the individual user's needs, but also to meet the needs of corporate users of office.

Newsoft Smart Office has a new powerful, easy to configure the installation, operation and convenient features, both independent office of portability, but also have a strong and flexible co-office functions.

It does not need to rely on Network databases do not need to rely on IE browser, such as software support, and does not require specialized server support.

To achieve a set of software, easy to install, simple to operate, powerful, so as to solve the individual users and corporate users of most of the issues.

Newsoft Smart Office Communications powerful, Simple to use and flexible, after the software is installed ,you need to create OA Address Book, so you can use the powerful communications functions, you can with your colleagues, partners interactive office, for example, an application for leave to the boss, Reimbursement to the Finance Ministry, To apply for the use of office supplies, Make a report, On-line exchanges with colleagues, Held a video conference, Remote Assistance, submit the work plan and summarize, Submit work log, Send documents to colleagues, A variety of applications for approval, To share their resources, Search to share resources, Download colleagues to share the resources, To share with you my music and so on and so on.

wow, all of this, brought about by the surprise is too much, Please users in the use process gradually understanding, have any questions, please watch the online help files.

Newsoft Smart Office System use P2P technology, both is the server software, is also a client, there is no need to rely on specialized server.

At the same time, the system is also use smart client technology, user data is safe, independent, but also can be shared with anyone, and unique digital signature technology, so that the approval simple, flexible, safe.

The data sent, use unattended technology, for example, send data, if they do not in company or on-line, and so on, the system will automatically put user data into queue, when the other side online, system automatically sent, and users can view and manage queues.

Newsoft Smart Office is an independent run of the software, do not need to rely on other software, so fast. It is not the kind of traditional use IE browser's office automation software can be compared to it.

Newsoft Smart Office of the powerful features and simple operation, allows users to enhance efficiency, to resolve the user's office most of them.

The main features introduced 1. Daily affairs 1) Plan 2) Memo 3) Mood Diary 4) Address Book 5) To remind 6) My appointment 2. Company's affairs 1) Work plan and summarize 2) Work Log 3) Attendance 4) Overtime and Leave 5) Business travel 6) Reimbursement / Loan 7) Asset Management 8) Office supplies 9) Conference 10) Documents 11) Personnel Management 12) Finance 13) Payroll Note : the company's affairs need to purchase and install digital signature certificates in order to the normal signature.

3. Network Communications 1) Web site address book 2) Web Browser 3) E-mail 4) Library resources 5) Intranet chat 6) Remote Assistance 4. Utility 1) MP3 Player 2) Short Message 3) Paint 5) E-map 5.

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Newsoft Smart Office


Newsoft Smart Office

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